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What is a Traditional Easter Dinner?

There are all sorts of traditions surrounding Easter, and some of them start with buying lamb online! Indeed, lamb is one of the most traditional parts of the Easter dinner, which is strange, given how many people associate the holiday with ham. Still, we’re getting ahead of ourselves! Let’s start with the other common traditions!


Easter Traditions & Their Origins


Easter Eggs

Many of the Easter traditions that we know today can be traced back to Pagan rites of Spring, according to Spring was seen as a time of fertility and birth. As the snow melted, the days got longer, and the temperature generally climbed. Eggs are their own symbol of fertility, making it a common symbol associated with the time period.


Easter Bunny

Much like Easter eggs, the Easter bunny is also a symbol of fertility in its own right. Rabbits have long been associated with fertility due to their reproductive capabilities, and many credit German immigrants for bringing them to North America.

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Easter Commercialism

When it comes to the bright colours, baskets, chocolate, painting and decorating of our modern times, you can trace most of the origins to clever marketing companies. While there are traditions surrounding the painting of eggs, the rest is simply a way to encourage interest among families. 


Easter Food Traditions



Although several traditions surrounding Easter come from Pagan roots, several can be traced back to Christianity too. Breads are a good example of this, as they represent fertility to those within this faith. As this article shows, hot cross buns were once banned except during Good Friday and other special occasions. Thank goodness we can buy lamb online these days!



Many people will buy lamb online or ham during Easter, and there are good reasons for each! Lamb is mentioned many times in the Bible as well-received meat, and many Europeans still recognize it as such. In North America, however, pig was the more popular and common meat, making it the perfect replacement for Easter.


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