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Holiday Spiral Ham Dinner

The Best Christmas Ham for Your Party

So, you are planning to throw a party for the members of your household this Christmas, and you want to make a delicious ham dinner? That sounds like a wonderful idea, especially if it starts with buying meat online! Still, though, what kind of ham are you going to prepare?

Of course, all ham comes from pork, so it isn’t like you have to choose between a certain animal or cut. Instead, your critical decision comes down to the recipe. Will you go with a traditional route like marmalade or orange-red pepper jelly? Or will you go with a newer recipe like Coca-Cola or Dr. Pepper glazed meat? 

Balancing tradition with modernity is always a difficult task, but the ongoing pandemic could actually make the process simpler. While we are all experiencing the difficulties of not being able to visit with our families and loved ones, it is also the perfect time for us not to contend with different generation’s palettes and particular tastes.

As a result, your Christmas ham can become a new and delicious tradition that is unique to this time and fully encapsulates the spirit of the occasion. Still, the question remains, though, of what to make with this newfound freedom of expression?

Buying Meat Online & Building Traditions

In the current climate, we are actively encouraged to socially-distance ourselves. One of the best ways to do this is by reducing our trips for groceries, supplies and social visits. By buying meat online, like your Christmas ham, you can effectively social distance and get the supplies you need to make your unique holiday dinner.

Carving Glazed Holiday Ham with Cloves

After you have your ham, take the time to research different recipes online and see what kind of style you are looking for. Most commercial hams are brine-injected before sale, so you won’t have to worry too much about the curing process (aside from smoked/ not smoked.) Therefore, the glaze and other dishes will be your primary focus. 

While we will leave the glaze decisions under your discretion, it is important to have hearty, flavourful and contrasting flavours with a large piece of meat like ham. Consider sweet potatoes, mustard-infused potato salad, fresh cranberries and other like flavours to get the most out of your new Christmas ham tradition! 

Your Source for Buying Meat Online

For more flavour and recipe ideas, a wide selection of delicious meats and handy delivery options, contact us today! We look forward to hearing from you soon!

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