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Chicken Vs Turkey: What’s Better for You?

It is a debate that sees a lot of action across the internet. Chicken or turkey; what is healthier? This pair of poultry has devout followers on both sides of the board, but is there really a difference? 

The short answer is no. Both ordering chicken online and ordering turkey online are fairly equal in what they bring to the table in terms of protein, fat content, and micronutrients. However, it is still important to offer additional supporting information regarding each type of meat so that you can see the difference for yourself.

Head-to-Head Poultry Battle


You can divide the birds into their two most common cuts, being thighs and breasts, and compare them in these two categories. So, when looking at chicken thighs, you will see the amount of protein is 7g. Conversely, looking at turkey thighs, you will find that the protein amount is 8g. As you can see, there is such a negligible difference that it barely warrants discussion.


You will see the same when you compare the breast meat of the birds. Chicken breast comes in at 9g of protein, and turkey at 8g. Again, the difference is so minute that you will not notice a protein deficiency choosing one over the other in literally any circumstance. 


Calories are a big part of any discussion related to health. They are an essential part of the debate because they showcase the energy that you will receive from enjoying any food and can play a big role in whether or not food is healthy for you. When it comes to chicken or turkey, though, again, you will see very little difference. A serving of chicken has about 287 calories, and turkey is only slightly leaner at 262 calories. 

The Rest

Hopefully, at this point in time, you realize that both poultry options are just fine, and choosing them should be a matter of preference and nothing more. However, if you are still not convinced, you can look at three remaining categories people find important when choosing their foodstuffs, which are sodium, cholesterol, and fat. 

In order, the values for chicken are 130mg, 130mg, and 13.6g. Turkey really offers a substantial difference at 111mg, 119mg, and 10.1g. Yes, turkey does come in at slightly lower amounts across the board. Also, yes, the differences are so small that if you are choosing the healthier option based on these values, you are potentially depriving yourself out of a delicious chicken dinner. 

The Final Chicken/ Turkey Verdict

Indeed, it is the same as the verdict at the beginning, hopefully not in a surprise twist. Chicken and turkey are both delicious, nutritious, and far exceed traditional red meat dishes in terms of healthy choices. Plus, you can order chicken online, or turkey, which means they are both as accessible at a location near you!

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