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Beef Brisket

Best Ways to Smoke a Brisket

One of the most prized cooks available, the humble brisket is an ideal choice for ordering meat online. It is moist, succulent and deeply flavourful when smoked correctly. Plus, it can take on new flavours, further enhancing the juicy and delicious nature of the cut.


Still, many of the advantages that come with ordering brisket meat online are undone by the difficulty of smoking it correctly. Perhaps this is why it is so high on many smokers’ lists. Using the right methods and approach, however, can make even this culinary challenge a cinch. 


The Best Methods to Ensure a Great Smoked Brisket


Befriend Your Butcher

When ordering meat online, it is important to know where the tasty cuts come from. This means you should do your best to befriend your butcher and understand more about where your food comes from. Not only will this help you later on during the cooking process, but it can also lead to other great insights from a professional standpoint. 


Use the Right Cut

When ordering meat online, like brisket, it is important to choose the right cut. Although brisket might sound like an overarching term, the reality is that many similar, but not identical, cuts can assume the name. Most agree that the “packer cut” brisket is the right choice, as it contains two complete muscle groups and a delectable fat cap. The ideal weight for this cut is eleven pounds. 

Homemade Smoked Barbecue Beef Brisket

Keep Temperature Consistent

Unlike other smoking adventures, brisket requires a long time to fully tenderize. This makes keeping the temperature a difficult task, but one that will ultimately pay dividends in the long run. Remember, you don’t have to maintain a certain temperature, just a consistent one. Cook until the internal temperature reads between 90 to 101 degrees celsius.


Rest Your Meat

Like all the best meats, resting your brisket will do wonders for the overall experience. Wrap it in butcher’s paper or foil to retain as much moisture as possible, and let it rest for fifteen minutes or so before consuming. 


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