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Large barbecue smoker grill at the park. Meat prepared in barbecue smoker.

Best Meats to Smoke for Beginners

We couldn’t be happier to hear that you are considering smoking some delicious meats. When you order meat online, you get all the pleasure of cooking and preparing it as well. This makes smoking a great choice for everyone looking to experiment with flavour and different cooking techniques. 


But, just because you have a smoker doesn’t mean you know what meat to order online. Lucky for you, we’ve put together the best tips for beginners and the best meats in the same place! Let’s dig in.


Tips for Smoking Meat


Dry Brine Thick & Thin Cuts

Dry brining is the process of applying salt to your meats before cooking. For thick cuts, dry brine a day before cooking and a few hours before for thin cuts. Don’t add salt to your rub, however, as this may negatively affect the flavour and will not effectively dry brine.


Look for White Smoke

White smoke is a good indication that you have the right mixture of air and fire in your smoker. Black smoke can negatively affect flavour, so remember to cook low and slow for best results. 

Happy man grilling meat on a barbecue grill outdoors.

Keep the Oxygen Flowing

Tending fire is tending fire. Just because it is in a smoker does not mean you can ignore it or leave it on autopilot. Check often and make sure new air is constantly circulating.


Cook by Temperature, not Time

The internal temperature of meat is the best indicator of doneness. This helps prevent under or overcooking and removes the necessity to understand what “done” looks like. Plus, every smoke is different, so don’t rely on previous experiences as a guide of how long something will take to cook. 


Best Meats to Smoke



The pride and joy of the smoking community, when you order meat online that is brisket, you are in for a treat. Smoking is the best way to reduce this tough meat down into delicious and tender eats. But beware, many amateurs do not do sufficient research before embarking on this smoke, so don’t make the same mistake.


Pork/ Lamb Shoulder

Shoulder muscles are tough and thick, making them a great candidate for smoking. Both pork and lamb shoulder are delicious options for meat to order online.


Whole Turkey/ Chicken

You can smoke individual parts of these two fowl, but it is much nicer to smoke the whole thing at once. 


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