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The Curious Cook's Crate


A Culinary Experience for the Adventurous Eater

        What is it?

A once a month dining experience. The box will feature luxury proteins, not typically found at your grocery store, along with a recipe created just for us.  Experience the best dining Calgary has to offer from your own kitchen, with locally sourced meats and local chef recipes.


Venison Steak

      How does it Work?


Each month our expert team will select a unique luxury protein. We’ve paired with local chefs to create recipes guiding you to prepare these cuts at home. The crate, containing protein and recipe, will be delivered right to your door. Your only job is to prepare and enjoy! Proteins may include (but are not limited to) elk shank, lobster tail, Cornish hen or bison steaks. All proteins will be selected based on availability.  Each crate will serve minimum 4-6.


Roasted Quail  


       What’s the cost?


          We offer three subscription levels, Rare (3 months), Medium (6 months) and Well-Done (12 month). Rare and Medium are a one time purchase, while the Well-Done Package may be paid monthly. Subscriptions start at $295.

                                                                                   Sesame Crusted Ahi Tuna